About Veio Investments

Imagine a financial system that that operates on an algorithm which generates profits and at the same time protects the environment? Probably or not so probable, you may have never come across this sort of system, that's because we are first. Through careful research over the last decade, understudying the environment, the degradation, the green house effects, the renewable resources in energy, placed side by side with a profit generating purpose, we have come up with a system that generates profit. .

How does this work you may wonder?

Veio's main purpose is to unify the renewable energy resources into an Independent institution in every part of the world, void of every form of external effect positive or negative, which allows users to consume more of renewable energy, renewable energy products and make purchases of these products as well. Needless to say, this is a profit generating operation. It's no news that renewable energy is the future, and more importantly, environmental friendly because it has less than 0.1% negative effect on the environment. Veio plans to have a unique currency exclusively for the purchase of these the renewable energy products.

Every project no matter how good it is needs funding, and you will agree with us that the Veio project is one of a kind, and as such we decided to raise funds by pre-launching our coin, the Veiocoin of which so many have already joined the whitelist, we decided to also branch out to an investment portal which allows us generate funds through basically trading the stable coins already in existence like bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and the likes. With this, we have a multiple source of generating profits for our partners. The whitelist are for long term partners which would benefit upon our official launch of the Veiocoin, the investment portal is for short term investors who wish to get certain returns daily, cueing into our expertise and professional understanding of the financial market and cryptocurrency market particularly.

What do we do with your funds upon receipt?

As stated earlier, funding is an integral part of any good business, we need these funds in other to trade on High threshold trading for much bigger profits. Now, when we get your fund, it is channeled to an investment pool, traded concurrently for a 14day period which you aren't allowed to withdraw so as to give enough time to make enough profit, after which you can request withdrawal of your profits or your balance, always received in minutes. Our core values are our integrity, promptness, and costumer satisfaction which has a 5star rating, a rare feat! This big project was launched in 2018, and so far so good! We have had challenges like every start up, and have successfully conquered through, getting bigger and better in the process. I enjoin you to join this project, the investment options have been divided into several strata so that investors can select that which suits their financial plans and capabilitie.

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How it works

This is the investment process. First, its not a lifetime trade, each investment is valid for 90 days after which the contract ends and user can choose to reinvest. These are the processes:

  • 1. Invest
  • 2. Profits Accumulate daily
  • 3. Investment is incubated for 14 days during which withdrawals aren't permitted. This is to enable a pooled trading of funds to maximise profit against the crypto market odds.
  • 4. After the 14days incubation period, you can request for withdrawal.
  • 5. Contract cycle is for 90 days after which you can withdraw your seed investment and profit albeit
  • 6. You can choose to reinvest your balance at any point

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